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Synopsis Burnout

I’ve spent nearly three weeks writing a synopsis, and I’m tired. I haven’t polished it; I haven’t revised. I’m not finished, but by tonight I will be.

Sometimes, there are no great epiphanies. A character changes in lots of small, seemingly insubstantial ways that accumulate over the course of a story to make the ending possible. He (She) would or wouldn’t have reacted a certain way in the beginning, but by the end everything is in place.

How does one show this in a five page synopsis that’s meant to cover all the high points of a story, tell all the bits that matter, and still have room for everything else? Huh?

I’ve read so many articles and listened to so many tapes on how to write a selling synopsis that I was sick of the whole process months before I ever sat down to write this one. Maybe I know too much now, but I don’t remember my synopsis for my last book being this excruciating to write.

I’ll finish this tonight, even if it’s with the attitude to just get the thing written. No excuses. No compromise.

And no deletion upon completion allowed. ;-)