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yWriter from Spacejock Software (aka Simon Haynes)

I’ve spent the weekend really getting used to yWriter from Spacejock Software (listed on my Software for Writers page).

I knew yWriter was a good program, because I’ve used it before, but since WriteWay Pro has been my main writing software for the last few years, I haven’t spent much time playing around with other software.

However, I recently started a new project and decided to give yWriter a shot this time, because I wanted to try something that used true text files–that way I can move my files around and even edit them on my pda without having to save it between formats.

If you haven’t tried yWriter and you’d like something powerful and free, try it. yWriter is an excellent, full-featured program. Nowadays, this programs has almost all of the features that I love in the WriteWay Pro program, including the ability to track work count progress (although not detailed like WWP’s reports), keep text notes on characters, print outlines/synopsis, work with a storyboard, and edit scenes independently of each other without losing the convenience of fewer files. (yWriter keeps the text files separated into chapters, whereas WWP is one single file.)

Give yWriter a try and let me know what you think about it. Are there particular features you like or don’t like?

I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like on the program, other than the inability to use italics or underlines. Other than that, I don’t do much formating of my work until I’m editing in the final stages.