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Writers’ Software

I’ve updated my writers’ software page on Happily Ever After. I’ve recently added a couple of new programs to the listing.

Of them all, I think EverNote is the most promising. I use it obsessively to keep track of almost every aspect of my life. Sample categories include projects (new home, genealogy), writing (market, research, book specific subcategories), contacts, website projects, and lots more. This program is so intuitive and simple to use, yet powerful.

Another promising program that I’ve tried out a couple of times (although I haven’t spent loads of time using it) is Text Block Writer. This one is a very close representation of a big bulletin board and a set of index cards. The freedom with which it lets you shift things around is fabulous.

Although I really liked it, I probably won’t use it much because I no longer use index cards. I used to, but once I found WriteWay Pro, I’ve had much better luck keeping all my notes together there.

I don’t imagine I’ll find something to replace WriteWay Pro any time soon. The program just works too perfectly for me and my writing style. Read my review for more details.


My interview with Holly Jacobs

Oh, I love Holly Jacobs! Her books are funny, and she’s someone anyone would love to know. You can’t help but like her.

She’s also a very organized writer, one whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet at a writer’s conference on more than one occasion.

I thought her writing tales would be great fodder for an interview, so she’s my first test subj–interviewee, I mean. Ahem.

Okay, here goes. Oh, and her answers are in italic at the end for the fast facts!

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Author interviews about writing

So, I got up one day and decided I was going to begin posting some interviews with authors about their writing habits to my blog.

I immediately went to my list of author friends who might want to help me out by giving me an interview and dashed off an email.

That was the day before my surgery, so now, a month and a half later, I’m finally going to get them onto my blog.

I don’t know why, but I always like to start projects right before I can’t work on it. ;-) It’s a character flaw, I’m sure.