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Flock saves writing time

I’ve found a new tool to shave a bit of time off my internet rituals. I’ve discovered Flock, a web browser based on the Mozilla Firefox browser I currently use — but am now weaning myself from. Flock has a feature that lets me set up multiple blogs and post to them easily. In fact, I love the blog editor built into Flock. I don’t have to log it to a bunch of different interfaces to post. I was using w.bloggar, and it was great, but frankly most of the time I would forget to use it. I don’t do that with Flock because the blog editor is built into the browser. Because of that, it’s just harder to forget about it. Read the rest of this entry »


yWriter from Spacejock Software (aka Simon Haynes)

I’ve spent the weekend really getting used to yWriter from Spacejock Software (listed on my Software for Writers page).

I knew yWriter was a good program, because I’ve used it before, b