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The Anti-Social Does a Get Together

So, I attended the Lori Foster Reader Writer Get Together this past weekend in Ohio. I surprised myself by actually talking to people and enjoying it. Yeah, I like writing because it’s a solitary pursuit. However, the time comes occasionally when I really need to get out and talk to other writers face to face. Body language is important to a writer. How else will I portray my characters’ emotions in those instances when I’m in another character’s head? So, I have to mingle every once in a while to remind myself of the nuances of body language.

I did all that and more. I met many great authors, got to chat about and discover new books I would love to read, and spend time with friends I haven’t had a chance to see in a while. All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Best of all, I found the entire get together/conference to be highly motivating.

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Reading is my most powerful motivation to write

I must say, reading makes me want to write so bad I can taste the words in my mouth. I get this sensation in my stomach that feels like nerves but has more in common with a heart attack than an upset stomach. My chest feels tight and my breathing turns shallow. It’s a very physical sensation and I love it and I hate it. The spring winds up and I’m torn between the desire to keep reading or to just set my book aside and go at it on my own computer with my own work. I know some authors say that they avoid reading other people’s work when they’re writing but if I did that, I might lose some of my best motivation for creating my own worlds. Read the rest of this entry »