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eHarlequin Contest

If you enjoy taking trips, you might want a chance to win one from eHarlequin.

Visit and enter the Your Family Garden Contest for your chance to win a family trip for four.

Just thought someone might be interested in entering! I was. :-)


Writing Prompt Generator

Here’s a really interesting link for anyone who suffering from a lack of inspiration. This writing prompt generator is on a site dedicated to writing for children, but I didn’t get childish ideas while I was playing around with it! Try it out.

Tell me, do writing prompts help you when you’re not feeling the love of writing?

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Interview: A New Author’s Writerly Perspective

So, it’s time for an interview with a first-time author, and who better to choose than my first-time writer friend, Heather Reed.

TERESCIA: You’re a soon-to-be published author, and I know that because you’re also my closest friend. I doubt I can be objective where my friend, business partner (WWR), and critique partner is concerned. Ah, well. We’ll pretend.

Anyway, I know you recently went through your first revisions for an editor. Was it as scary as you imagined it would be to make changes to your book based on someone else’s wishes?

HEATHER: Scary really doesn’t describe what it was like. At first, I looked at the revision letter and thought, “How am I going to change that?” But by the end of the revisions I couldn’t have been happier. All of the changes made the story stronger and I learned a lot about myself and my writing abilities.

Of course, it also helped that the editor I worked with at the time was really great. She answered all my questions and helped me work through whether or not some of the changes really needed to be made. All in all when the process was over I was pleased with the end result.

TERESCIA: Did you have trouble giving over control?

HEATHER: I won’t lie. Read the rest of this entry »


Dianne Castell’s Writerly Interview

Ah, Dianne Castell, writer of Harlequin American and Kensington Brava books, and a truly lovely person! She was kind enough to let me pick her brain about writing, so please, if you enjoy the interview, let us know.

TERESCIA: I love to talk about writing. And there’s nothing like talking about writing and writing about writing to keep one from actually having to write, because writing is very hard work.

On that note, I’d like to ask what keeps you writing.

DIANNE: The stories. Most writers I know would write if they got paid or not. We have these stories running around in our heads and there’s no satisfaction until you tell it.

TERESCIA: What truly motivates you to write fiction?

DIANNE: Too much reality in the world already. Sometimes I think how can the world go on? Sooo, I write and read for fun. I need an escape once in a while. Turn off the news and stop reading the paper and pick up a fun book.

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