Favorite Authors

As the page heading implies, this is a page devoted to my favorite authors and their books. If you are a romance reader, then I'm sure you'll see a lot of names you recognize. And maybe some that you don't. It depends if you stick to romance or read outside the genre. I do, so some of my favorite authors are not romance writers. Still, they're wonderful writers, who write wonderful books, and everyone should at least give their books a try.

But, in case you have absolutely no interest in any books other than romance, I have separated the authors and their books into the following categories:

Romance Fiction
» Amanda Quick
» Jayne Ann Krentz
» Jayne Castle
» Johanna Lindsey
» Dara Joy
» Leigh Michaels
» Julie Garwood
» Julia Quinn
» Carola Dunn
» Betty Neels

Science Fiction and Fantasy
» L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
» David & Leigh Eddings

» Sue Grafton

Mainstream Fiction
» Jean Auel

The authors are in a very particular order within each category, starting with my absolute most favorites and going down from there. Just remember, everyone on this list qualifies as one of my favorites, so being last is still a very good thing. ;-)

Each of these authors probably has more books than what I have listed. Go to Amazon.com and search by the author's name if you want to see what else they've published.

And of course, you can go to Amazon.com to see more reviews and descriptions or to purchase any of the listed books. If you prefer, you can also visit Barnes & Noble.com or Powell's Books.

For a description of ratings, and what they mean, go to my ratings page.

Favorite Romance Authors

Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Castle)

Why do I love every Amanda Quick book I own (which is, by the way, every Amanda Quick book published)? I would have to say it is because of consistency. Whenever I pick up one of her books, I get exactly what I paid for. An excellent historical, a more substantial than usual mystery, characters full of wonderful wit, and heroes to absolutely die for. (Oh, yeah...)

Since she's so high up on my list of favorites, of course there's a Favorite Author Page for Amanda Quick / Jayne Krentz / Jayne Castle! Go to the Favorite Author Page to learn more about Ms. Quick, see a book list of all her books, and find links to chats, interviews, and news articles about