Reprint Guidelines

Please note that my guidelines have recently changed!

I allow reprints of my articles on websites and in email and print newsletters. Any other form or method of reprint requires my express written permission. My requirements for you to reprint my articles in any of these mediums are as follows:

  1. The article must not be changed or edited in any way. It must appear exactly as written. (It can be html formatted to match your site.)
  2. My name, Terescia Harvey, must appear as author along with my copyright statement directly under the title.
  3. The following bio must appear at the bottom of the article, exactly as written.
    Terescia Harvey is a romance writer and the webmistress of Happily Ever After, a website for romance writers and readers. Visit HEA for many informative writing resources and articles at

  4. For reprints posted on the web or in email newsletters, I require an active, working link back to
  5. You must send me an email telling me you intend to reprint my article(s), and you must tell me when and where you're going to reprint them.
  6. I still hold the copyright to the articles. All rights reserved.
  7. If you are in violation of any of these terms of use, you will be required to remove my article from your site, newsletter, etc.! Upon notification requesting removal of my article(s) for any reason, you must remove the articles immediately.

That's all!

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