Fantasy Man, Inc. by Terescia Harvey

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When the man stepped through the door of the small studio, Janine breathed a sigh of relief. Finally.

"It's about time you got here. You're nearly half an hour late." Janine hurried across the small studio and started pulling out the props she'd just packed up.

He looked at her, apparently confused, before glancing casually at his watch. "I didn't realize you were expecting me."

His deep baritone smoothed across her frazzled nerves, and she glanced over at him. His fine clothing fit perfectly on his masculine form. His tie hung loose around his neck, his shoes gleamed, and he carried a jacket slung over his forearm.

Her jeans and t-shirt couldn't compete with his perfectly pressed pants and shirt. No telling whom he'd been posing for earlier today. He must have just come from a more upscale shoot.

"Well, hurry up," she said, thoroughly irritated that this gorgeous men's-wear model had delayed her shoot. "Take it all off." Then she jerked a pair of skimpy briefs from the bag of props and tossed them in his direction. He automatically reached up and caught them as they flew by his head.

Still, he didn't look all that enthused by the brilliant blue underwear. "I think there's been some kind of--"

"Didn't your agency tell you what kind of shoot this was?" Oh, she didn't have time for this. Although Fantasy Man Clothing's advertising department had given her use of their studio for four hours, she had too much to do today to spend more than a couple of those hours on this photography session.

"I'm here to--"

"Come on, either drop your pants and get those things on, or leave and quit wasting my time."

Janine bit the inside of her lip. Why did she have such a tendency to speak before thinking? If he left--

He didn't.

After an appraising sweep of his eyes over her feminine form, he shrugged. "Where do I change?"

She slung her arm in the direction of the miniscule changing room, hoping that he wouldn't notice her sudden breathlessness. "Over...there."

He disappeared behind the partition, then returned a few minutes later dressed only in the briefs. The sight of his hard masculine body set her pulse to fluttering wildly.

Her paperwork indicated the model's name was Donny, but the first time she called out to him, he didn't seem to hear her. After the third time, Donny finally caught on that she was talking to him.

The shoot lasted nearly two hours. Donny seemed inexperienced, leading Janine to wonder just how long he'd been modeling. It figured that the agency would send her a model who'd apparently only been at it a few weeks.

All things combined, she really should have realized that something wasn't quite right.

But she didn't.

Throughout the shoot, Donny kept his warm, interested gaze on her, and she found herself blushing constantly, almost like a teenager. They shared a few jokes, and Janine actually began to think about asking him out.

But she didn't trust her judgment in men anymore. Since her divorce four months ago, she'd only been on two dates.

Two hideous dates.

She'd all but given up on finding a nice guy with whom to share her free time.

As she readied Donny for the last shot, her hand lingered on his thigh. When he cleared his throat, she jerked her hand away from him, looking up guiltily.

With a wave of his hand, he indicated the short stepladder he was propped against. "Should I raise my leg to the next step?"

"No, no. You're fine."

She hurried back behind the camera, using the equipment to hide her heated face. God, she must look