"Books aren't written - they're rewritten. Including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn't quite done it."
— Michael Crichton

Welcome to Happily Ever After

This is my dedicated website for romance writers and readers. Of course, if you write other kinds of fiction, you too are more than welcome to visit. :) In fact, I'll go so far as to say you might learn something from us romance writers. We work long, hard hours writing our love stories.

And if you write romance novels (or enjoy reading romance novels), then look around. I've tried to create a nice little corner on the web for us to sit back and enjoy.

Things You'll Find On This Site:

Tips for Writers
tips and articles for writersAn extensive collection of article links organized by subject, plus some of my own articles on writing. My newest article tells you how to use the Microsoft Windows Briefcase to keep your writing files in good order!

Round Robin Writing Challenge Online Story!
let's read - the writing challenge online storyCome on everybody! Anyone is welcome to try their hand at this romance thing. It doesn't have to be perfect. This is a chance to practice those writing skills. So far, it's a romantic story. Anyone wishing to participate, please e-mail the next chapter to me. Any length is okay, as long as the content fits with the story. Join in and contribute a chapter.

Writer Resources
Links to resources for writers, including: publisher guidelines, agent information, and research links.

My Favorite Websites for Writers by Writers
Links to writers' websites with lots of information and articles for writers by writers.

Links to My Favorite Authors' Websites
A list of my personal favorites, complete with book lists, links to interviews, chat transcripts, & articles, reviews of their books, and website links.

My Bookshelves
Reviews of some of my favorite authors' books (and some not so favorite books) on my bookshelves. Plus reviews of books for writers.

FREE Software for Writers
Links to websites that offer freeware, shareware, trial, and demo versions of popular, and some obscure, writers' software.

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I'll be sending site updates, links to new reviews and articles and a few other goodies. I'm not currently planning to archive the newsletters on this site, so plan on subscribing if you want to see the newsletter. :-)

Don't forget to use the menu (or bookmark the site map / contents page), as it does eventually lead everywhere (with a click or two).



Latest Site News

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Suggestions are welcome, but I'm somewhat selective. If you have useful information for other writers (by my standards), you're assured of having your link added. And I always appreciate any links you put up for this site!

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Writers' Resources Page
Writing Challenge: Online Story
Romance on the Wild Side

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